Happy New Year 2019

New Year greetings to all.

Year 2018 gave us episodes like Boruto 65 and Black Clover 63, both managed to gain attention of animation industry. These episodes are best described by these legendary animators.

On Boruto 65, Toshiyuki Inoue (20th July, 2018)
Well, great! Credit includes a dream team by oversea Naruto fans ( Norio Matsumoto, Yutaka Nakamura fan ?), this should be called AMAZING*. Episode director and animation supervisor is Chengxi Huang, from China, it really seem like an international scene. Still, it has become an interesting era.

*(The original tweet in Japanese except the word AMAZING, which is in English, international language, aptly used by Inoue to describe the episode done by international staffs)

On Black Clover 63, Masami Obari (25th December, 2018)
Black Clover episode 63 was too splendid. If I were a student now, I would have been aspired by their work and aimed to become animator.

Both Black Clover and Boruto ended the year on high note. I am looking forward to more of Hiroyuki Yamashita’s work as animator in Boruto. I also look forward to Takaya Sunagawa & Shunji Akasaka’s next work in Black Clover, as they have been absent from the series in last 3 months, after episode 52.

This winter season among many anime starting, I look forward to Dororo because I like the manga; Dororo was the first physical manga book I had purchased, vertical’s omnibus edition, nearly 6 years back.

Set in feudal Japan, Osomu Tezuka’s Dororo is story of Hyakkimaru whose organs were offered to forty-eight demons by his father before he was born, in exchange of power. Orphaned child thief Dororo and Hyakkimaru fight various demons and supernatural beings, in the process Hyakkimaru gains back his original body parts. The manga originally serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” ( August-1967 to July 1968), later finished in Boken-O magazine. Apart from various monsters and characters, the manga is also well known for its action cinematography, clever and intriguing paneling.

The manga received a 33-minute full color pilot film by Mushi Prodcution in January 1968, later 26 episode black and white anime in 1969, both under direction of Gisaburou Sugii. The series featured episode directors like Osamu Dezaki (Ep. 1,6,11) and few more who would later become well known figures in industry.

Nearly 50 years later, we are getting a TV anime adaptation by MAPPA/Tezuka Production, premiering on 7th January 2019, will stream in Amazon Prime. On March 19, a teaser promotional Video was released, story-boarded and animated by Takuji Miyamoto featuring Hyakkimaru’s fight from Banmon chapter. Later 3 more promotional Videos have been released showing footage from actual TV anime.

This time Osamu Tezuka’s cartoony & Disneyesque character are transformed to more contemporary character design by famous artist and mangaka Hiroyuki Asada (Tegami Bachi) (1) (2) (3). Although I like Osamu Tezuka’s work, I like this new design too; adapted to anime design by Satoshi Iwataki based on Hiroyuki Asada’s. This anime will be directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, best known for directing anime like Rurouni Kenshin (1996) and Hunter X Hunter (1999). The trailer features some backgrounds with water color, brush work and muted color.


(last one, possibly impact frame by Satoshi Iwataki)

The trailers so far show stories from first one third of manga. It will be interesting how much anime will cover and if it will add some original plot as the manga was pre-maturely ended. Also it will be interesting up-to how many episodes they can maintain good/decent production value.

However, I am excited for ED animation of Doror done by great director/ illustrator Osamu Kobayashi who loves Osamu Tezuka. I am fond of Kobayashi’s unique design, art and animation.

Once again happy new year!!


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